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We host West Coast Swing dances and provide swing dance instruction and classes in the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Orange County areas of Southern California. Find out more about us by clicking here.
(Looking for Lindy Hop/Jitterbug? Visit SwingDance.la)

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You never need a partner to come to the dances or classes, but we always encourage you to bring your friends! Swing dancing is a great social activity to do with your friends or make new ones.

Looking for a fun partner dance to do to the music you hear in bars and clubs? Then check out our West Coast Swing classes.
Love Swing and Jazz music? Looking for a high energy dance? Then you'll love Lindy Hop.
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Swingin the Blues (all ages)
Thursday in Irvine

Weekly West Coast Swing dance in a great venue.

DJed Blues, Soul and Contemporary Hits!

Beginning, Intermediate, Int/Adv and Advanced WCS classes.

Check out Jack & Jill O'Rama in June!!! An awesome local event with workshops, tons of dancing, and FUN contests!

We also offer private lessons
Privates are a great way to work at your own pace and get the individual attention you need.

Check out what the rest of the dance community has to offer. Southern California has a great swing dance community.
Check out our calendar for a more comprehensive list of WCS dances in the area.
Check out the dance map or OCDance.com for a ridiculously comprehensive list of WCS (and other genres) of dancing/classes in the area.
Visit SwingDance.LA for all the Lindy Hop/Jitterbug happenings in the area.
Head over to WCSSanDiego.com for WCS happenings in SD.

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Check out Jack and Jill O'Rama June 11-14!

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