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(all ages welcome)
Every Thursday at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine (All Ages)

West Coast Swing with Champion dancers
Ben Morris, Malia San Nicolas, Demetre Souliotes, Ryan Crutcher, Samantha Buckwalter, & Tara Trafzer
PLUS Champion Guest Instructors AND Top Guest DJs

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Not sure what West Coast Swing is? Find out more by clicking here.
Looking for a fun partner dance you can do to the music you hear in bars and clubs? Then West Coast Swing is for you.

Awesome venue, great classes, friendly people

8:30pm Swingin the Blues dance
West Coast Swing dance to a great mix of music with rotating DJs
$8 cover, $6 with OCWCSDC card or School ID

For the classes (includes your entry to the dance after)
$120 for 10 classes, $110 with OCWCSDC card or School ID
$15 per class for walk-ins, $12 with OCWCSDC card or School ID
Junior discount (under 18) - $8 includes both classes AND dance!

Not sure which level is right for you? Click here.
No partner is necessary for the classes and absolute beginners are welcome. You can drop-in any week.

7:00-7:45pm Beginning West Coast Swing with Ben Morris
Ben will familiarize you with all the basics of West Coast Swing and get you dancing!
Class covers similar material to Ben's Introduction to WCS DVD

7:00-7:45pm Int/Adv West Coast Swing rotating instructors , Demetre Souliotes, Malia San Nicolas, Ryan Crutcher, Samantha Buckwalter, & Tara Trafzer each teaching for a month
You should already be comfortable social dancing before taking this class. Our instructors will take your dancing to the next level with improved technique, connection and movement, plus new syncopations, styling, and patterns.

7:00-7:45pm Ladies Styling with Guest Instructors
Ladies, time to add some flair to your dancing!

7:45-8:30pm Intermediate West Coast Swing with Ben Morris
You should already be comfortable dancing the basics before taking this class. Ben will take you beyond the basics, adding to your repertoire and improving your social dancing.
Class covers similar material to Ben's Patterns Every WCS Dancer Should Know DVD

7:45-8:30pm Advanced WCS with a different Champion guest instructor every week!!!
Top guest instructors expose you to differing styles of West Coast Swing, challenging your and pushing your dancing in new directions. This class is intended for seasoned social and competitive dancers with years of experience. If you're looking for a challenge, or to improve your social or competitive dancing, this is the class for you.
***PERMISSION REQUIRED for the ADV Class (at least 1 Nov, Masters, or higher WSDC point, 1 Int or Adv OCWCSDC point, or prior approval from the Atomic WCS instructors)

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